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Case studies

Surprises happen

Our culinary support specialist, Bob Glick–a Culinary Institute of America graduate and chef extraordinaire–is here to ensure those hiccups are remedied as seamlessly as possible. His ability to combine creativity with business sense will help you meet your business goals. Based on forecasting trends and vast food service experience, he will partner with you to increase efficiency and quality to further your success.

Forgotten order

From time to time, a manager at a restaurant will be overwhelmed by a day’s events and forget to place their order for the following day.

RDP foodservice’s standard operating procedure is to track all orders placed throughout the day. We then juxtapose those orders to what is anticipated for the day. Customers that appear “missing” are called by our customer service department. When “forgotten orders” are eventually received (even after cut-off time) orders can be delivered the next day as usual.

RDP’s proactive customer service ensures that food deliveries are made in a timely manner even in an often chaotic world.

Power outage

The power outage in June 2012 caused significant problems for some of RDP’s customers. No energy and limited storage space left several feeling as though they had nowhere to turn to save their perishable items. They worried that they wouldn’t be able to return to business without receiving shipments after the power was restored.

RDP picked up all perishable items from one of our customers in need and stored them in our extra coolers and freezer space. When the power was restored we shipped the items back, all at no charge to the customer. When the power was restored we were able to take all orders as usual and still make next-day deliveries.

Because of the RDP back-up generators the power interruption did not interfere with our ability to serve our customers.

Special events

Several of our customers host special events. The business generated by such events often exceeds their in-restaurant storage capacity. In addition, many events are held over the weekends. One such customer advertised a large NCAA Basketball Championship weekend event and the estimated food requirements were greatly beyond typical storage capacity.

RDP parked a full trailer in their parking lot for their use during the event. The trailer’s “reefer” unit provided cooler and freezer capacity as well as storage for dry goods. Again, this service was free of charge.

RDP’s partnership with many of our customers creates beneficial synergies. The lending of equipment is just one example.

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