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Italian food is the heart and soul of RDP foodservice. From our small beginnings as the neighborhood Italian grocer in Columbus, Ohio, to serving popular Italian restaurants and pizzerias across the region, we are proud to stick to our roots. Our knowledge of the Italian food industry, backed by the buying power of UniPro Foodservice, allows us to meet the needs of restaurateurs like no other foodservice provider.

How can we guarantee this? RDP foodservice is proud to represent the world’s leading foodservice manufacturers. We depend on the name brand recognition of giants like Coca Cola and hundreds more to maintain the highest standards. Moreover, the support of our fantastic vendors helps us provide flexible pricing structures, allowing your business to grow. Growth also depends on consistency. We carry Italian brands like Stanislaus, Ezzo Sausage Company and Fontanini to keep your restaurant producing the flavors you’re known for.

Let us help you take your menu to the next level and assure that your dishes will always deliver the same quality that your guests expect. When your foodservice provider internationally sources the finest meats, oils, cheeses and other specialty products, you can create a dining experience on par with the tastes of Italy. Join the RDP family to elevate and expand your menu offerings.

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