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Transparency is our policy

We thrive on proactive and informed communication. Moving beyond just taking orders, RDP is able to provide meaningful insight into trends happening in the business of food. From the outlook on produce availability to improved software needs, we help to communicate pertinent information to your managers and franchises to encourage success.

We also have a reliable and qualified staff. RDP’s recruitment, hiring and training is designed to attract a highly skilled and diverse workforce. We provide an employee-friendly environment in which goal-oriented individuals can thrive. Our stringent drug testing and background checks were put in place to ensure we have only qualified and dedicated employees who are properly trained to provide the highest quality of service.

Want to see for yourself? We operate on an open door policy. As far as we’re concerned, if it has to do with your business, it’s your business to know it all. From warehouse to corporate headquarters to customer service, we are always accessible. Expect to be invited to collaboratively review, discuss and refine how we help you.

Focused on local

We are growing in the same market together. RDP can offer market penetration in the areas most meaningful to you. Fast and reliable delivery allows for an efficient approach to continued growth, one truck of produce at a time.

Connections in the community

Our leadership team is grateful for the blessings we have received over three generations and 50-plus years of business. An essential part of our company’s mission is to provide support to a range of charitable organizations, including The Columbus Zoo, Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University. We are also proud to contribute to the ongoing effort to develop Columbus, Ohio, as a “foodie” capital.

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