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Multi-state data backup

RDP uses a Barracuda Backup Server 690 with a hosted backup service. Each day, our data is stored onsite to the server. That server then backs itself up to one of Barracuda’s data centers. Our data is then replicated to another data center in a separate geographical location which is also protected. Several major corporations including the government use this same service due to its reliability.

Always connected

RDP’s phone system is hosted in a Windstream data center in downtown Columbus and remains up even if connectivity goes out at our location. Calls to our main line are automatically routed to a remote customer service representative so there is always someone to answer customer calls. Even in the event of an extended outage, we have the capability to remotely connect and reroute direct office lines to mobile phones.

RDP’s email exchange service is also hosted. So once again, if connectivity is down at our office, our email still works and we are always available to meet the needs of our customers.

Two distribution sites

Two warehouse facilities provide RDP the strength and flexibility to ensure that our products get to our customers when they need them. In the event that an extraordinary circumstance takes one of our facilities offline, the other is capable of maintaining operations. Identical technology at both sites allows us to shift personnel to meet demand without any need for retraining, while centralized servers ensure our data for the entire organization is in real-time.

Redundant generators

With redundant backup generators onsite, RDP can operate at 100 percent capacity even through extended power outages. The generators automatically supply power to our facilities within seconds of power loss, ensuring continuity of our business processes. In addition, RDP has priority access to local industrial generators in the event that one of our onsite generators fails.

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