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Top Health Food Distributors Deliver Summer Trends Guaranteed To Heat Up Your Eatery

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Rethink your summer menu with these three healthy courses As summer continues to blaze, customers are looking for a change. Millennials, the nation’s most influential group of diners, are looking for restaurants that are convenient yet healthy; fun and exciting yet natural and unprocessed. Revamp your menu with these three additions from your health food […]

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Are Philanthropy and Food Distribution Companies the Secret Sauce?

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Take all comers with a killer plan to give back and get noticed Did you know that a reported nine in 10 restaurants are active in their communities? If you’re one of the 90 percent–we tip our hats to you. But what if no one knows that you’re giving back? And what if you haven’t […]

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What Is An Organic Food Distributor and Why Does My Restaurant Need One?

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How health-conscious diners are influencing menus and profits across the country While they have been called many things—foodies, epicurious, even picky—we have one name for the ingredient savvy: customers. And as this group of diners grows (and grows and grows) they are not only influencing what restaurants are putting into their dishes, but they are […]

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your guest is gold: a restaurant food supplier’s tricks to building guest loyalty

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Our top tips for making your restaurant the talk of the town Guests can sometimes complain about everything from your restaurant being too hot, to the food being too cold to your wait staff not being attentive enough. Sure, making their visit to your restaurant ideal can be hard to master, but it’s essential to […]

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RDP Introduces: Lavazza Coffee

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Find unique flavors and exclusive offerings at your restaurant food supplier Legacy. Innovation. Heritage. It’s rare when a company comes along whose values so clearly mirror your own. Enter: Lavazza. This celebrated Italian coffee innovator has been brewing for more than 100 years, combining a rich heritage with a pioneering spirit. This partnership makes RDP […]

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Table Manners: It’s Not Just About The Food, Distribution Companies Advise


How to put the manage in management One bad apple can ruin a whole pie. OK, so we’re not actually talking about tonight’s dessert special. Rather, that cringe-worthy situation when one rowdy customer changes the vibe of your entire eatery. Whether it’s a wailing infant, mischievous teens or someone who’s taken full advantage of your […]

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The Two Ingredients Your Restaurant Needs to Grow

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Digital relationships with your customers plus a strategic partnership with your food distribution company equal the secret sauce to success With industry professionals from Yelp, LevelUp and National Restaurant Association, the 2015 Food Show was brimming with knowledge to enhance your restaurant‎. But, don’t fret if you missed the Show. We got the exclusive lowdown […]

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RDP’s 2015 Food Show & Concert Series Recap

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Party on with your restaurant food supplier Imagine a room filled with exclusive industry leaders and tasty trends—all eager to enhance your restaurant. Sounds like paradise, right? That’s our annual Food Show and Concert Series, and this year’s was, yet again, nothin’ but a good time. Every year, our vendors and their customers get all-day […]

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Seminars, special guests and getting to the 2015 Food Show


The most anticipated restaurant food supplier event of the year is back Restaurateurs, chefs and managers: Don’t miss the 2015 RDP Food Show, where you’ll explore vendors, try out top trends along with tried-and-true products and network with more than 600 independent restaurant owners. Samples aren’t the only takeaways you’ll receive at RDP Foodservice’s premier […]

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rdp’s food show & concert series 2015 featuring bret michaels | register today


The event you’ve been waiting for Celebrate your newfound knowledge gained from the 2015 Food Show at RDP Foodservice’s exclusive event—a private beer & pizza food truck and live concert. Columbus, Ohio’s own rockin’ songstress Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons sets the show for this year’s main event. Jimmy Kimmel snagged up our original headliner, REO […]

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