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RDP Introduces: Lavazza Coffee

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Legacy. Innovation. Heritage.

It’s rare when a company comes along whose values so clearly mirror your own. Enter: Lavazza. This celebrated Italian coffee innovator has been brewing for more than 100 years, combining a rich heritage with a pioneering spirit.

This partnership makes RDP foodservice the first restaurant food supplier in Ohio to add the Lavazza brand to its roster. From Crew Stadium to local restaurants, look for this coffee on menus across Ohio.

An esteemed history

Founder Luigi Lavazza was one of the first to experiment with the art of coffee blending in 1895, and the company never looked back. Now providing everything from K cups to traditional Italian espresso, cappuccinos, and lattes, the company is excited to celebrate tremendous growth stateside. In fact, Lavazza saw 130 percent growth in the U.S. market in 2014 alone.

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“We as Italians we prefer to adopt a different level of roasting…to extract the real identity of the coffee beans we buy to deliver to the consumer the real DNA of the coffee. It’s very connected to our idea of food. Italy is very strong in food culture, but we have a great respect for the natural taste of our product,” Vice Chairman and fourth-generation executive Giuseppe Lavazza explained on his recent visit to BloombergBusiness.

“We started from a very traditional product. But now you can enjoy your coffee in many different ways,” he said.

And now, one of those ways is even in space. Yes, among the company’s achievements: delivering the first espresso machine to the International Space Station. “Now we can say we have the coffee shop with the best view in the universe,” laughed

A new restaurant food supplier partnership

How was such a win-win relationship sparked? When one RDP foodservice customer expressed strong interest in Lavazza, the decision was easy. Our president, Mark Mizer, explains, “RDP is a customer-driven company—we strive to be able to meet our customers’ needs on any level.” And not only does that ensuring each customer has everything their restaurant requires, but also providing exclusive products found nowhere else in Ohio.

To top it off, it quickly became clear that Lavazza’s values reflected RDP’s. Much like our own customer-centered approach to the restaurant food supplier industry, Lavazza’s philosophy centers around the art of coffee and the experience of the consumer. After all, RDP doesn’t just sell food, we take care of our customers. Lavazza doesn’t just sell coffee, the strives to stay true to a long heritage while pleasing customers with a unique taste and innovation.

Get in touch with your restaurant food supplier to join the movement

You can now find Lavazza at Rigsby’s, Harvest Pizza Kitchen, Patina, Longo’s, Giacamo’s, Fast Eddie’s and Trout Club. Will your restaurant be next?

If you want to offer your customers an exclusive and exquisite brand, become a customer or contact your representative today.


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