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Switching Ohio food distributors?

Three reasons to join the RDP foodservice family.

Three generations of foodservice experience have taught us that happy customers start with real relationships; local is powerful; and history is critical. At RDP foodservice, these three factors are what make us not only your best food service provider option, but your business’ biggest ally.

1. Real relationships. We care about our customers. In a day where most would rather shoot a text or email than meet face-to-face, we form true relationships with our customers.

Take it from Natalie Jackson, owner of Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza and Live Music. “RDP did a lot for us because they knew that we were brand new, that every dollar mattered and that getting the doors opened was the most important thing,” she told us. “Mark really is a customer here. It’s cool that the president of a company actually comes in just like a regular customer with his family and really loves the food and is supportive that way, as well.”

During the power outage of June 2012, RDP picked up all perishable items from one of our affected customers and stored them in our extra coolers and freezer space. When the power was restored we shipped the items back, all at no charge to the customer. When our customers had full power, we were able to take all regular orders and still make next-day deliveries.

2. Local. However, these relationships wouldn’t be possible if RDP weren’t a local company, located at the heart of Ohio. Being a local company not only allows us to turn clients into friends, it means we stand for something. Our president and CEO, Mike Mizer, told Smart Business magazine, “What we felt we needed to stand for was the independent restaurateur, the guy who creates that local flavoring in your community or in your neighborhood.”

To that effect, we’ve also organized our “Keep Calm and Dine Local” promotion, which encourages the community to support dining at local independently owned restaurants. We also take part in other local events, like Restaurant Week Columbus.

3. History. And we’ve been local since day one. Our founder, Richie DiPaolo, began stocking shelves at his parents’ neighborhood Italian food shoppe in Columbus’ inner city at just eight years old. The DiPaolo family managed the business through the Great Depression and the war years, but after World War II, the Italian grocery store was at a crossroads. That’s when Richie DiPaolo changed the food industry for good. Founded as a spin-off of the family grocery store in 1957, DiPaolo Food Distributors was a brand new company, and one of the first of its kind.

At RDP, we are constantly pulling from our three generations of experience to serve our customers better. We know where we come from, and we’re proud to bring our history to your company.

Join the RDP family.

Ready to take your restaurant to the next level? Making the switch is all about you, with a personalized transition process and your own RDP service representative. Learn how to become a customer – and a part of our team.

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