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Grande sliced provolone cheese

Over a century ago, Filippo Candela learned the art of making fine Italian cheese in Italy. After arriving in Wisconsin with friends and family, they formed a new cheese company which they named Grande, the Italian word for greatness.

The unique taste of Grande’s fine Italian cheeses, derived from Filippo’s unswerving passion for excellence. Our dedication to Old-World cheese making traditions means our all-natural cheeses contain no additives, fillers or preservatives and are crafted using the time-honored techniques of our skilled cheese artisans. This is why our reputation for providing cheese with optimum flavor, performance and consistency, continues to live on today. The extra care we put into producing our product results in unforgettable dining experiences for your customers…and it is those memories that will keep them coming back for more.

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The Marzetti story begins in a small Italian restaurant opened in Columbus, Ohio by Teresa Marzetti, who arrived in the United States from Florence, Italy in 1896. Customers loved Marzetti’s salad dressings so much, they began taking bottles home, and eventually, the top floor of the restaurant became a full-scale factory. After Teresa Marzetti’s death in 1972, the restaurant closed, but the factory operation continued. Her passion for quality lives on through Marzetti’s many salad dressings, dips and croutons.

Today, Marzetti products can be found in supermarkets and used in restaurants throughout the country.

Flex your creative muscles and incorporate Marzetti into your menu’s next dish like a zesty ranch potato salad, or summer pasta salad using Marzetti Classic Ranch dressing, or an apple cabbage slaw using Marzetti Chunky Blue Cheese Dressing and Marzetti Bac’n Almond Crunch Salad Accents.

Burnett Dairy

In 1896 a community of dairy producers created a cooperative creamery in a little Wisconsin valley town. The rolling hills and thick grasses provided the sweetest milk found in the new territories of the United States. The view is still 100 shades of green … the air is still sweetened by natural fields of clover and extended family is watered and let out to pasture before anyone else sits down to the breakfast table. 
Burnett Dairy is proud to have two Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers.Wisconsin Master Cheesemakers meet strict standards set down by the Center of Dairy Research, where to enter the program each participant must have 10 years of cheesemaking experience in a Quality Assure plant, and five years in the variety they wish to specialize in. The program lasts three years for each cheese they wish to master as well as ongoing submissions of samples to ensure quality and consistency.

Main Street Gourmet 

Main Street Gourmet is an Ohio manufacturer of gourmet frozen bakery products featuring muffins, cookies, brownies and granola, as well as custom bakery formulations.  Since our humble beginning in 1987 as a small retail muffin shop in downtown Akron, we have worked very hard to grow into the national bakery supplier we are today, offering a full complement of frozen bakery products. Along the way we have never lost sight of the things that matter most to us…  Quality & Community.

Palazzolo’s Artisan Gelato & Sorbetto

We earned our position as gelato industry leaders by working from the ground up with top chefs.

Palazzolo’s makes gelato the old-fashioned way so you can benefit from a dense, creamy and truly artisanal product. We never use premade gelato components or large-volume machinery that we believe compromise quality. Come inside our 50,000-square-foot, HACCP-compliant facility and you’ll see our gelato chefs working with small batch freezers. Inventing something new or adjusting an existing flavor to meet your needs is easy for us since every batch is made to order. And unlike big commercial freezers that can only incorporate special flavorings, batch freezers allow us to spin whole fruit and nuts with our fresh dairy.

Serving Palazzolo’s is like having our gelato chefs right there with every scoop. It’s easy to impress patrons with vibrant displays of our artisan gelato and sorbetto, made fresh to order in small batches to your exact specifications. Never compromised, always impressive.

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