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High Liner Foods

High Liner Foods is the leading North American processor and marketer of value-added frozen fish and frozen seafood. High Liner foods has been serving deliciously simple see food for 155 years. Not only devoted to maintaining efficient processes in order for consumers to simple prepare their products, High Liner Foods is dedicated to sustainably sourcing all of their seafood, never sacrificing flavor or quality.

Be sure to take advantage of the rise of seafood consumption this time of year. Lent begins Wednesday, March 1st.

Featured Items:

#1027274- Atlantic Cod Loin 6oz

#1452550- Haddock Fillets 8/10- Skin off


Past Featured Vendors:

Lannings Food’s

Lannings Food’sis a family business specializing in custom cutting and processing of fresh beef, pork, poultry, lamb and veal as well as a full line of ground meat products for the food service industry.

Lannings Food’s primary objective is to strive for customer satisfaction through strong dedication to quality, listening to the customer’s wants and needs, and providing the very best products and services available.

Sugardale Hot Dogs

Stocked products like cheese, marinara, pizza toppings and garlic bread buns as well as fresh toppings and special sauces make hot dogs a unique addition to your summer menu.

Get inspired with our menu idea board:

• Hawaiian– Pineapple (grilled pineapple), ham, onion and tomato
• BLT– Bacon bits, tomato and shredded lettuce
• Buffalo– Buffalo sauce, blue cheese crumbles and bits of celery
• Chili dog– 3-way
• Pizza dog– Marinara, mozzarella provolone and pizza toppings of your choice
• Mexi-dog– Wrapped in flour tortilla, black beans, shredded cheddar, salsa and hot peppers
• Southern Style– Covered in cole slaw and BBQ sauce
• Mediterranean Dog– Kalamata olives, feta cheese crumbles and special dressing
• BBQ bacon dog– BBQ sauce, bacon pieces and cheddar cheese
• Comfort food Dog– Simply topped with macaroni and cheese

For nearly a century, Sugardale Foods has been a leading supplier of smoked and processed meats to the retail industry. Our commitment to quality and safety has enabled us to grow from a regional provider to a nationwide supplier of bacon, ham, hot dogs, deli and luncheon meats, dry sausage and other specialty meat items.


Building upon our heritage of innovation and quality, together we will elevate the everyday experience by making Hormel Foods the favorite part of any eating occasion.

Our new pepperoni has an authentic brick-red appearance and packs big flavors like extra garlic, black and cayenne pepper, and paprika. You’ll love its eye-opening kick!

At Hormel Foods, we are committed to providing consumers with high-quality, high-value branded products that are flavorful, nutritious and convenient. Guided by Our Way—our internal principles platform—we strive to set industry standards for product quality, work environment and community engagement.

Click here for more Hormel products associated with Keep Calm Dine Local.

Ezzo Italian Meats

Ezzo Italian Meats is dedicated to creating and serving the highest quality products to our local as well as our national customers. Ezzo believes when you start with superior ingredients the outcome is the best possible product. We are passionate about our old-world recipes, it is ingrained in who we are.

Luna Burger

Born from our love of healthful whole foods and made with locally sourced fruits, grains, vegetables, and aromatic herbs, every handcrafted, completely vegan Luna Burger is positively bursting with fresh, fabulous, pure plant flavor. Small family farms provide the organic and sustainably grown black beans, spelt berries, brown rice and oats that form the foundation for our six varieties.

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