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Our Story


RDP foodservice has been a local company from day one. Before America was hooked on pizza, the DiPaolo family was supplying fresh ingredients to the first pizzeria in Columbus, Ohio. We are family owned and operated to this day because that’s how we got here.

While we’ll never forget our roots as a small Italian grocery, we couldn’t be prouder to be growing into one of the region’s largest food distributors. In fact, RDP has twice earned the award as one of Columbus’ top 50 fastest growing companies by Business First Magazine.

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Why RDP?

First, our unbelievable brand and product selection is made possible by the buying power of UniPro, the largest foodservice distribution cooperative in the US. With a collective sales volume of more than $60 billion, our partnership with UniPro enables us to receive enhanced purchasing opportunities, thereby providing better pricing and a vast array of products and services to our customers.


We also offer the same variety, quality and consistency as our competitors, without all the built-in costs. This simple fact is the game changer. With RDP, you’ll never have to sacrifice quality for price. That’s what makes us the unmistakable choice for both fast-casual and fine dining establishments alike.


Finally, we have our finger on the pulse of emerging technology. We regularly invest in upgrades to make it easier for customers to order products. This allows us to fill and deliver orders more accurately, saving time for both our team and yours. We understand that these kind of efforts effect all areas of our business in positive ways that result in a stronger customer experience.

At the end of the day, our values are still the same as they were three generations ago:

  • Keep the food fresh
  • Keep the work honest
  • Keep the customer first
    From local pizzerias to fine dining, the RDP family is honored to bring products and services that are designed to enhance the quality, productivity and experience of the restaurateur.

    Count On Us

    Learn about RDP’s commitment to quality and customer service straight from our president, Mark Mizer. We’ll also check in with a few esteemed local businesses to hear why they chose RDP as their food service provider. From our partnership feel to our 1 in 10,000 chance of error, we treat each customer like family.

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