Become a Customer

Become a Customer

RDP Foodservice proudly serves a wide variety of customers. From fast casual to fine dining, we have experience helping all different types of restaurants grow.

When you become an RDP customer, we'll pair you with a service representative who will be passionate about your success, and will walk you through each step of becoming part of the RDP family.

Here’s what to expect:

Making the Switch: It’s All About You

  • Order the same products as before, but with a higher level of attention and service.
  • A dedicated task force, including each RDP department head, reviews your transition.
  • We carefully align staff with your schedules so your kitchen won’t miss a beat.
  • See your customer representative every week. You can talk with him or her about anything you need, from additional orders to Columbus Blue Jackets tickets.
  • Our personal chef can help take your menu to the next level.
  • Keep your shipments at your fingertips with online ordering.
  • Never lose sleep when you view your order guides online.
  • Take it easy with optional electronic funds transfer (EFT).
  • Get the VIP treatment at exclusive events.

Let RDP handle all your Foodservice needs.

Call (800) 363-1010 or contact us today to get started.