Our Vendors

Our Vendors

Let RDP serve as your connection point to vendors big and small. Backed by our partnership with UniPro Foodservice Inc., we service fine dining and fast-casual restaurants alike.

When it comes to running a business, we’re a foodservice provider that knows your brand depends on excellence at every stage of the game. Our non-food and food safety items meet the highest standards; so whether prepping for service, cooking orders or cleaning up after, your restaurant is always up to par.

We understand a quality restaurant requires quality products, so that's what we carry - because that's who we serve.


The food we deliver each and every day is as much about your passion as it is ours. That’s why our decades of dependable service inspired us to make the leap from not just Italian products, but any food your restaurant requires. At RDP foodservice, we welcome the challenge of taking care of restaurants ranging from fine dining to fast-casual and everything in between. Don’t see the product you’re looking for? Our partnership with UniPro Foodservice ensures that we can order virtually any item you might need–and that’s just for starters.


High-quality ingredients are just the beginning of a successful restaurant. Running a business day in and day out means keeping track of a constant stream of products, from to-go containers to butcher paper. At RDP foodservice, we pride ourselves on meeting every need of our customers so they can meet all their clientele’s needs. That’s why we partner with UniPro Foodservice, the largest foodservice provider in the nation. No matter what product your business calls for, whether pizza boxes and gloves or floor cleaner and paper towels, we can deliver. Where do you want to take your business today?


Let RDP handle all your Foodservice needs.

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